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We met this girl at the bar are hotel. She wore a white Cleveage bikin at the top of her bikini hanging. We started talking and was brought here from Luton and staying in the room two doors away from us. We talked for a while and then my girlfriend and I went to the beach. We returned to the beach about 3 Clock in the afternoon. We had gone to the room and my girlfriend had moved out of a bathing suit and was always on the side of the bath water ready just sat in the bathtub, there was a knock at the door. So I went to the bathroom and skimtube shut the door, so who was I could not see in the bathtub. I opened the door and it was the girl in the bar. She asked if I could come in a mintue so I said yes. He went and sat in a chair by the window and began to put over the holidays and then we were told we had to go to a club and you want tonight. He said he would have to ask my girlfriend, and then asked him toshe was and I skimtube said, it was a bathroom. At this point you said I should go and tell him when we left. As they walked toward the door to go loot suddenly skimtube skimtube the door opens into skimtube the bathroom and went to my girlfriend. Anyone who tries very quiet, to cover her breasts and pussy. What do you think about going to the club. I went in and told me I should come by now. He turned and smiled at me and said, Are you coming tonight or something, then looked at my g / f, and said, oh, why not. As for me by my door step vinegar through my shorts and said, I can not wait, and she kissed me on the lips. At this point, my g / f turned around and said,bitch. Spanning around and said, oh sorry, vinegary approached my g / f on my head and kissed her lips, and when she kissed me g / f raised his hands to get them. and this woman looked down and said very nice and moody my g / f pussy slid a finger into her pussy and began to slide and looked ov my g / fHe saw me as my cock eract remembering through my shorts. She looked back at the woman, smiled and lent forward and kissed her lips then pushed him back and on loan to the edge of the tub and started on my g / f and suck the breasts movedround me to see better view and the woman pushed two fingers into my g / f pussy, suddenly raised his eyes closed and cam back as the woman's fingers when running, the women had moved from the bath plug and water ended, he turned to me and my shorts and crabs pulled my shorts and she saw my erect cock sprang to my g / f, on the road, and told me my cock entered her mouth and began to suck . My g / f is then lifted from the bath and went to another room. She stopped sucking and told me what 's wrong with her and went into the other room when I was there, naked by the way was my g / f in bed with her ​​legs open. The other woman was to be thed fuck i started and opened the bikini top and Crab to lick her breasts. He continued licking and turned to me and kissed my lips and stuck out her tongue. She pushed me onto the bed and pulled her panties to show shaved pussy and then she came and sat on my face while my girlfriend began to suck my cock until I change his cum right skimtube then and then my þort poistions skimtube g / f is the other woman laid skimtube on the skimtube bed and spread her legs and guided my cock into the woman and then went and sucked the breasts, as I fucked her until I shot cum and my cum inside her. We went to the positions of the whole damn night shift all night i masturbated in my g / f female body and licked it. We even landed back in the shower and washed each other. a holiday I will not forget
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